Karsen Gauss is mobile

It is easy to make an app. It is hard to make a great app. Whether you or your team is just starting, or already has an app in development, we will help you speed up the development process, decrease cost, increase quality, ensure a successful user engagement, generate more revenue, and be awesome.

Focus on developing great features instead of draining your resources on automated mobile testing, fragmentation, compatibility, error reporting, monitoring, continous integration, localisation, branding, and many other things we will handle for you.

Risk free.

Karsen Gauss is Android

Thousands of devices with widely different performance, tens of Android versions multiplied by countles customizations, users from all over the world - are you sure your app works as well for everyone as it does for you?

We will make sure you know how your app performs across your userbase, and solve problems with performance, memory usage, networking, battery impact, compatibility, and much more.

No more embarassing bugs, delayed releases, blind hotfixing, and rollbacks. Do it the right way with us!

Karsen Gauss is here

Being selective helps in delivering top quality results, consistently. Your project requires careful attention, and your business requires reliability. Get in touch today!